Beam Paints: Northern Lights Travel Card

Beam Paints: Northern Lights Travel Card

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Beam Paints is located in M'Chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island/Mnidoo Mnising. 

 Lightfast pigments, tree sap, gum arabic, and Manitoulin honey blend together to create a handmade, saturated colour that is a joy to paint with. From thick stripes to fine washes and details, quality is evident in every stroke.

Northern Lights Travel Card:

B'oon Naakshek - Wintery Night - PB15.1, PY164, Ethical Mica
Chiigbii'aande - Beachsand - PR122, Ethical Mica
Boahjihgehjik Zhaawaazhonia’aande - Dreamers Gold - 
Ace’ense - Shell - 
Nibiiwzih Mkwuh - Wet Grizzly - Py164, Ethical Mica
Mkwum Ziibiihns - Glacial Rivers - PB15.1, Ethical Mica

Beam paints are third-party tested by Duke University for ACMI Art and Creative Materials Institute to conform to the ASTM-D4236 standard and are suitable for use by children. 

As per ASTM-D4236, pigment codes are provided so you can make informed choices. When no pigment codes are available, it is an earth pigment or a pigment they have personally gathered.

For more information, please visit their site:

Do not use while eating or smoking, contact with skin, or sand without a respirator.

Happy painting!

Our first collection of ethical mica colours! 

Bring a spark to your palette with these 100 percent pigment and binder watercolours featuring mica sourced from Georgia USA. (Rather than undocumented mica which apparently can support child labour)

Click here to learn more about this pigment 

And click here to tour the mine site 

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