Emergency Preparedness Spreadsheet

Hello, friends!

I wanted to share this Emergency Preparedness Spreadsheet* I made with you all.

I have spent a lof of time and mental/emotional energy preparing this checklist for my family so I thought I may as well put in a teeny bit more in an attempt to make it more universally applicable.

I know it's not going to fully cover everyone's needs, but I think it is a very good start.

Certain cells, highlighted in green, can be changed to reflect the numbers in your household and the spreadsheet will do the math for you.

Take this info 'as is'. These are all the relevant items I could think of mixed with information from the most reputable sources I could find (links provided in the spreadsheet). Use common sense, don't burn your house down, don't get carbon monoxide poisoning, don't eat spoiled food, and don't sue me, ok?!

I share everything in the spirit of ensuring enhanced preparedness for additional folks. Please feel free to download and share and print and distribute; Just don't try to sell it.

Krista Rose

*This emergency preparedness information is provided for free to the public on an “as is” basis to increase preparedness and safety. Best effort is made to ensure accuracy and the absence of defects. However, Softer Steps does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of the information. By using the information, you agree that Softer Steps is not liable for any defect in the materials, any decision or action you take based on the materials, or any associated damage or expenses (direct or indirect).

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