A few simple ways to have a more efficient shower.

Yesterday, as we celebrated and remembered our mothers, and held space for those who struggle with the day, my thoughts turned to the earth and how it truly seems to be the progenitor of all life. 

I was inspired to create a list that could help start a wider conversation around the ways that a little awareness during our daily routines can really add up to a lot of difference. I figured I would start with what I would argue is our most precious natural resource: water.

Let's start with the tub 🛁

-Cut out the plastic. Did you know it takes more water to create a plastic container than that container can even hold?

Bars are great because they are lighter than their water-filled, plastic-packaged counterparts meaning their transportation emissions are greatly reduced.

Can’t find a bar you like? See if you can get your liquids through a refill station to reduce packaging.

-Use a natural loofah or woven cloth to exfoliate instead of an abrasive puff that will shed microplastics.

-Turn down the temperature. I know everyone hates this advice, but your skin will thank you!

-Find a shower buddy! Steamy and sustainable! 

Or, if you prefer to bathe alone…

-Try turning the water off while you lather; it’s quite refreshing this time of year! 

I realise this isn’t going to be possible or comfortable for everyone, but turning the tap off while you suds up will save water AND prevent you from inadvertently rinsing your bars right down the drain. 

Just be very careful not to get anything in your eyes!

-Once you’re all dried off, hang your towel to fully air dry and you can hygienically reuse it up to four times between washes. This can reduce your laundry pile by around 15%!

-If your shower needs a cleaning, scrubbing it right before you plan to hop in will allow you to rinse it down while the water warms up.

Do you have any other water saving tips? Low flow shower head recommendations? Hot water heater hacks? I'm looking at you to fill in some gaps for me, homeowners!

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